intoMUSIC is an educational project that aims to develop
new ways of learning and teaching music in public or normal schools,

focusing on: up-scalling music teachers competences, elaborating new teaching methodologies, disseminating these methodologies through peer-learning and multiplier events, reinforce European cooperation in the field of music teaching.

The project will happen in the next 2 years, is funded by Erasmus+ programme and developed by 4 associations in different countries:

Tribul Artistic


Aims to develop, support and promote cultural-artistic manifestations by organizing festivals, events, concerts, training stages, exhibitions, conferences in collaboration with musicians all over the world;

Euro-Arab Youth Music Center


Is an institutionalized body for further collaboration among youth&music organizations from European and Arab states, especially those working in the Eastern Mediteranean region;

Be Artive


As a company oriented to design, producing and coordinating cultural events, BeArtive has as priority to enrich the Arts through the research of new ways of expression and the relation of music along with other performing arts and creativity in general;

Anassa Productions


Aims to create artistic and cultural connections of an international level with a special focus on the European dimension; enhancing knowledge exchange, networking and artistic expression.


Improving teaching experience for all direct beneficiaries 16 music teachers participating in IO development and training course and another 80 music teachers participating in focus groups and testing activities throughout 24 months of implementation indirect beneficiaries.

Developing teaching competences based on a holistic approach and the insertion of technology for 16 music teachers who will use the IOs of the project in their teaching activities

Creating a network of music teachers (80 teachers) who will work together in other projects (cooperation and exchange of good practices)

Intellectual Outputs

Online course on Digital skills for music teachers

How to use technology in music teaching

Online course for methods in the field of music education

Focus on building teaching methods based on the pillars: rhythm and sound- people and places- connections with other disciplines

Internationalization of music teaching through gamification

Digital resource

Integrating ecology, handcrafting

Online toolkit for music teaching with recycled materials

OER / e-learning platform

A platform open to teaching and learning music contents